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Can Family Discord be Good News?

The Gospel reading for next Sunday, the 20th in Ordinary Time in Year C, is really problematic for preachers, according to one of my colleagues. It seems to covey such a negative message about family life, why would you bother reading it in a family-friendly service, let alone preach on it? I agree inasmuch as I refuse to preach on any scriptural text until I can identify good news in it. The scriptures have authority because they contain the Good News about Jesus and his gospel. If I can’t find the gospel in a text, God doesn’t want me to touch it and I should focus on one of the other two, or the psalm for the day. Plenty of material there, and if I still can’t find good news, someone else should do the preaching.
Fortunately, I think there is actually more good news in this gospel reading than might appear at first, as my podcast for this week tries to explain. You can find it here….
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Howard Pilgrim

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