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I’m Back!

Back, not like General MacArthur storming the Philippines, certainly not like Lazarus raised from the dead in the story leading up to this Sunday’s Gospel reading, nor in a puff of smoke like Houdini, just quietly and rather shamefacedly back recording and posting videos after much too long a break. My health crisis is over, thank God, the parishes I have been looking after are in good shape and God’s hands, and I have even had several preachers within the diocese asking when I will be back online. That last element was the real motivator, so please give me the feedback I crave to reinforce my own sense of calling as I invest the time and energy needed to get my little commentaries up and running each week.

This coming Sunday’s Gospel reading is John’s story of Mary anointing the feet of Jesus in preparation for his coming death. Please use the opportunity to make you own comments below.

Howard Pilgrim

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