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Investment and Accountability

What? This site is meant to be about spiritual things, is in not? Just so, but it seems from this Sunday’s gospel reading that the language of business must be applied to some aspects of God’s kingdom as well. On the one hand we are given an opportunity we should never refuse, to invest our lives in the future option God has taken out on our universe. Then on the other, the investment God has made in us carries expectations of accountability. Here is the deal … God invites us to throw all we have into this enterprise he has set up, having given a clear undertaking that abundant resources are committed from his side. We then receive gifts and opportunities for which we are responsible. The stakes are high, but the returns are guaranteed as long as we do our bit faithfully. Interested? Thought you might be … Just follow this link for the real deal!
On behalf of You Know Who,
Howard Pilgrim

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