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Letting the side down?

As Luke 15 begins, we are presented with a group of worthy Jews, Pharisees and scribes, salt of the earth really, who are upset with Jesus. Quite understandable, once you realize that he seems to be much too close to two classes of people whose fundamental disregard for Israel’s law undermines the shared values holding the nation together under adversity. The tax collectors on the one hand were using their upper-class connections with the Roman occupiers to exploit their own people’s subjugation by the invaders. At the other end of Israel’s social scale were a motley crew of lowlife misfits, surviving on their wits in total ignorance of what it meant to be a proper Israelite. Jesus seemed more than happy to hang out with either group, so he had plenty of explaining to do. You can hear what I have to say about Sunday’s gospel text here….
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Howard Pilgrim

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