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Mary said “Yes” to God ….

…. and the whole show was on the road: the incarnation, our redemption, the whole Christian story for the last 2000 years. Every year, on the last Sunday before Christmas, we hear something from the two stories (Matthew’s and Luke’s) about Mary and Joseph’s journey towards their big night in the stable at Bethlehem. This year’s passage from Luke is where it all began, where God’s eternal creative Word became human flesh at a moment when one otherwise unremarkable Jewish peasant girl gave her assent to a mind-blowing proposal from God. The story continues, as does the incarnation, with the Body of Christ being reborn in our world as otherwise unremarkable humans give their own assents to God’s gracious invitation to be part of transforming our world. Hearing the story of Mary’s brave agreement once again, we too may be touched by the constant wonder of God’s loving presence approaching humankind.
My rather lengthy comments on the texts can he heard here….
Howard Pilgrim

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