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Our Birthday Present … still unwrapped?

We often speak of Pentecost as the Church’s birthday, which makes the Holy Spirit our birthday present from God, conveyed through the risen Christ. All of which is a nice tidy theory, but the New Testament never presents the Holy Spirit as part of a theory, like the hidden, most mysterious aspect of God. “Experienced, empowering and immediate” is one description of the NT picture of God the Holy Spirit. Another is a very personal breathing of God’s own life into humanity: “intimate, life-giving and tangible.” Who came up with these characterisation? Why, I did, three years ago in my podcast for Pentecost Sunday in Year A. The editing was not very good, and I would like to find the time to do that over again, but I hope it may be worth your while listening to as it is anyway. You can find it here….
It’s not the theory we need, but the reality! Year after year. Let me know what you think
Howard Pilgrim

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