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Our Easter Journey Continues…

As the Easter season unfolds, our readings in John’s Gospel take us deep into the heart of the paschal mystery, exploring the intimate connection between the risen Christ and his faithful people. In John’s vision and experience of the Church and its mission, everything flows from this ongoing relationship. Jesus has never left us, continuing in his role as shepherd of God’s flock for all ages, and our wellbeing as his people and the effectiveness of our mission all depend on the vitality of that living relationship.

As I will be overseas for the next two weeks, enjoying some R&R, I have done some advance recording of comments on the Gospel passages for coming Sundays, which you can access here….

3rd Sunday in Easter

4th Sunday in Easter

I shall keep an eye on the website from afar, and will respond to any comments you may offer.

Christ is Risen!
Howard Pilgrim

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