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Here at last …

If you have visited this site earlier because you read my notice in Waiapu’s ENews advertising a video commenting on all four RCL readings for next Sunday, I’m sorry it took so long to produce. Some of you will know that my brother Godfrey Nicholson died on Sunday, so I have been rather preoccupied.
Nevertheless, I am glad to get this week’s video done, as it addresses an issue dear to my heart as a preacher. What are we to do when some aspects of the Gospel reading seem contrary to our fundamental convictions about the good news we are called to proclaim? Just ignore the reading and preach on something else? That is certainly one option. Another is to meet the problem head on. For my take on this Sunday’s readings, go to this page. And yes, I will be preaching on it, at St Andrew’s Taupo.
Howard Pilgrim

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