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“The Biblical Pattern of Salvation”

“What!!?*!?” I hear you cry, if you are a typical visitor to this website. Has Howard lost his marbles already, reverting back to the (in)famous “first Four Steps” or some similar worn out packaging of the gospel? Fear not, gentle souls, nothing so dire has happened to me as yet. It’s just that a common theme of several texts you will hear this week from the RCL readings is fundamental to what biblical writers have in mind whenever they use the word “salvation”, as opposed to the cut-and-dried expression used in some later theological constructions. The pattern I see is simple enough: someone finds themselves in trouble, asks God for help, gets the help they seek and much much more, and completes the process by excitedly telling others about what they have just experienced. Simple, n’est ce pas? Also revolutionary! Listen to what I have to say about it in the two short videos you can find here …
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Howard Pilgrim

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