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The Church is called to be Perfect!

If I knew I had only ever produced this one video, I could die a happy man. Let me just expand that a little…. I do not think I produced a perfect video on the subject of Christian Perfection as envisioned in Matthew’s gospel, but rather that I grasped something at the very heart of the matter, based on the grammatical structure of the text. Here it is: Christians are called to perfection not as individuals but collectively. This must raise more questions, and is certainly not an attempt to identify a perfect church. Just a starting point for thinking about our calling, which we can only hear as something shared, “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” And I find it within the grammar of all three texts for the day. Most satisfying for a biblical theologian, rather like Browning’s grammarian who died happy having “settled hoti’s business”.You can find it here…

Howard Pilgrim

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