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The Sower…

We all know the parable of The Sower backwards and for many of us that means we come to it with low expectations, not ready to hear it say anything new. Parables are not meant to be like that; they should get under our skin, stimulate our imaginations, challenge our assumptions about God, and so on. How can we regain a freshness in our reading and hearing of this great parable which is Sunday’s Gospel reading?
One way is to listen to it without its add-ons, including its official interpretation supplied later in the text. Too radical for you? But that is just what Jesus expected his original hearers to do with it, as he was speaking to them from the boat. Only his disciples got the interpretation, as the narrative tells us. The rest of the crowd were left to interpret it for themselves, and criticised for their spiritual deafness if they couldn’t grasp its meaning, which should be plain to any who were of good heart towards God.
So maybe we too should try to hear it on its own, now and again! Well, that is what I argue in this week’s podcast. You can look and listen here….

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