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“to Him, all of them are alive”

In this week’s gospel reading from Luke 20, Jesus addresses a challenge from some Sadducee opponents concerning whether the idea of a general resurrection of all God’s faithful people is inherently impossible. Their reasons for thinking so might not trouble us any more, but we might have others that bother us. Trying to imagine what God has planned for us beyond this life is always a stretch, given that scripture is rich on “hope” but short on details. However, this does not mean we should become impossibility thinkers, allowing our limited imaginations to set boundaries on what God can do. The heart of our covenant relationship with the living God is not belief but trust, a childlike response to God’s love built up over a lifetime. This truth lies at the heart of all three RCL texts for OS32 in Year C, each encouraging us to renew our trust in God’s faithful love in the midst of life’s difficult challenges.
You can hear my comments on the texts here…
Howard Pilgrim

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