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Walking on water?

This Sunday’s gospel and epistle readings can help us to focus our minds on a question that has preoccupied, and divided, theologians for centuries: What is Saving Faith? Ever since the Reformation identified faith as the key factor defining a Christian’s relationship with God, there have been arguments about how that faith may be identified. Generally this has come down to definitions of true belief about God and Christ. A different approach is suggested by the texts before us, in which the emphasis should be more on trust than beliefs. I argue that saving faith is expressed in the gospel story in Peter’s desperate plea, “Lord, save me!” rather than in the disciple’s adoring acclamation, “You are the Son of God”. It is Peter’s plea rather than the disciples’ affirmation that lies in Israel’s tradition of “calling on the name of the Lord”, which Paul tells us constitutes saving faith.
You can listen to my comments here….
Howard Pilgrim

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