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After sputtering along for eleven years, it is time for this website to get a thorough upgrade…. a suitable project for the Second Covid Lockdown (NZ) of August 2021. I have two purposes in mind to motivate this effort, and these will be reflected in the site’s organization.

My first purpose is to publish an ongoing series of reflections on four major theological topics that have become of enduring importance for me over the course of my lifetime: Understanding Faith, Knowing God, the Christian Gospel, and the Christian Church.  I hope that others will engage with me in these reflections through the comments section on each page.

The second is archival, providing access to teaching materials I developed for the Waiapu diocese since 2009 in my role as diocesan theologian. These resources will be in the form of presentations, papers, and the (incomplete) Preparing to Preach series of video commentaries that formed the bulk of the previous content available through this website. You can download and use these as you wish, with appropriate acknowledgement.

So, down to work then!

Howard Pilgrim
Waiapu Diocesan Theologian
20 August 2021