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The Church

Love it or hate it, or more probably both. That’s the reality for all who take Christian theology seriously as we think abou the Church.

* The Church is a seriously broken human institution, under attack from all sides as its flaws are exposed for all the world to see. (That’s the same world to which it is supposed to be taking the Gospel). Not popular, not growing in numbers or quality for that matter, not at all confident in its future…close the doors on your way out?

* Is there an invisible Church that might be less embarrassing? I can’t see it….

* Without the Church there is no Gospel, and no Christian theology. Theology is the Church’s self-reflection.

* Without the Church there is no incarnation of God’s Word in our world.

* Without the Church I would have no faith, no knowledge of God, nothing to proclaim that might change my world.

* God loves the Church.

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