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Understanding Faith

The first of my major theological themes explores the nature of the theological enterprise as a distinctive mindset. I give equal weight to both terms in the title, “understanding” and “faith”. What do each of these mean in themselves, and what happens when we combine them? And why is this a necessary component of theological thinking? My exploration includes these elements…..

* Theologians commonly characterize their enterprise as “faith seeking understanding”

* “Faith” is a complex concept, with both religious and secular connotations.

* The study of “Understanding” has become an academic discipline known as Hermeneutics, linking many fields in the humanities, such as philosophy, history and the interpretation of ancient texts such as the Bible.

* Understanding is a core aspect of true faith throughout the biblical writings, a life-or-death necessity even.

* A quest to understand (life, the universe and everything) has been a lifelong core value for me, shaping my life choices and identity.

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