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Now , where were we?

With the Lent then Easter seasons having drawn to a close with Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, we return to the central focus of Year C, the Gospel of Luke, picking up the cycle with the 9th Sunday in Ordinary Time, also known as Proper 4 (don’t ask my why). The gospel reading from Luke 7 gives us the story of Jesus providing a long-distance healing of the servant of a Roman centurion. It takes us into one of the central issues of the gospel as Luke understands it, the interplay between human faith and the abundant grace of God healing humankind and our world. As we ponder this story of how that worked out in the complex social world of 1st century Palestine, we may gain vital insights into our own 21st century experiences of God in action.
You can listen to my comments here…..
Howard Pilgrim

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