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The Resistance Continues…

The election of Donald Trump, a fascist demagogue, to the most powerful office in the world, is just one more of those dark moments in history when Christians have to remind ourselves that the kingdom we seek is not of this world, and that we are called to an ongong subversive mission of proclaiming God’s… Continue reading The Resistance Continues…

Connecting with God’s Life

The three readings for next Sunday, the 32nd in Ordinary Time for YearC, can be seen to be united by one theme: people of faith are united with the creative life of the eternal God. No matter what changes and challenges we face together as a faith community, God’s covenant faithfulness can be relied on… Continue reading Connecting with God’s Life

Humility before God

Goodies and Baddies? We humans find it much too easy to dismiss those we disagree with as evil or stupid, which leaves us feeling that we ourselves are both good and wise. However, when we come before God in prayer and worship that attitude has to change, if we have any sense of spiritual reality.… Continue reading Humility before God

The Heart of the Covenant

The four texts set down as our readings for this Sunday, the 29th in Ordinary Time, work together to reinforce a single message: what a wonderful privilege it is that we are invited to experience an intimate spiritual relationship with the living God. The reality of that relationship is reinforced on a daily basis as… Continue reading The Heart of the Covenant

Missional texts for today…

The four RCL texts for this coming Sunday, the 28th in Ordinary Time in Year C, contain a wealth of insights into our life as God’s people on a mission, beginning with difficulties experienced by ancient Israel as they struggled with their national calling, moving on to Paul’s struggles in the Roman Empire, and then… Continue reading Missional texts for today…

Who is Boss?

One of my favourite memories of the second season of the Blackadder series is of those moments when Queenie would rather archly ask her courtiers, “Who is Queen?”, if they forgot to be their usual obsequious selves in her presence. Is this what Jesus is doing to his apostles in Sunday’s gospel reading from Luke… Continue reading Who is Boss?

The Final Sanction

This Sunday’s gospel reading, Luke 16:19-31, is the great climax to this writer’s sustained argument against disparities of riches and wealth in the church, in Israel and in the world in general. Put simply, the Kingdom of God that Jesus announces involves a return to the vision of economic justice embodied in the Law of… Continue reading The Final Sanction

A sign of God’s grace?

What sort of faith community are we, really? This is Luke’s probing question for us in next Sunday’s gospel reading. Do we actively seek out and welcome those around us who are being touched by the Spirit? Can outsiders look at us and see hopeful signs of a new human family in which diversity is… Continue reading A sign of God’s grace?

You wannabe a disciple?

Jesus was quite popular at times. “Large crowds” followed him around Galilee, according to Luke. Jesus was not looking for popularity as such, but for a dedicated band of disciples committed to extending his mission into the wider world. To avoid wasting time trying to train uncommitted hangers-on, Jesus challenged all his followers to take… Continue reading You wannabe a disciple?