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Who is Boss?

One of my favourite memories of the second season of the Blackadder series is of those moments when Queenie would rather archly ask her courtiers, “Who is Queen?”, if they forgot to be their usual obsequious selves in her presence. Is this what Jesus is doing to his apostles in Sunday’s gospel reading from Luke 17? Have they forgotten what it means to be servants of God, becoming presumptuous in their expectations of what God should be doing for them? Something like that, apparently. My recorded comments on this text and the other readings for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time were the very first video I produced, way back in 2010. The production quality may be lacking, but at least it is short, and I still think worth listening to. It has set me up to preach on the topic once again, six years later!
You can listen to it yourself, right here…

Howard Pilgrim

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