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The Final Sanction

This Sunday’s gospel reading, Luke 16:19-31, is the great climax to this writer’s sustained argument against disparities of riches and wealth in the church, in Israel and in the world in general. Put simply, the Kingdom of God that Jesus announces involves a return to the vision of economic justice embodied in the Law of Moses. God’s people are always called to model his unchanging intention for the human race, that we should live as one great family, sharing the earth’s resources justly and responding with compassion to human need, especially when it is close at hand.
In this famous story, a rich man and his family harden their hearts against a poor beggar right on their doorstep, day after day… and suffer eternal consequences. Case closed. Direct all appeals to the court of Moses. Pharissees take note.
You can hear my comments on the text here…
Howard Pilgrim

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