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Mea Culpa!

After my appeal for feedback before I produce any more not-to-be-viewed videos, and comments from Robert Bruere (onsite) and Jenny Chalmers (in person) that the last two weeks’ videos were inaccessible, two new things have happened…
1. People started accessing the first video (Easter 5), so there was nothing wrong with that one.
2. A consultation with my website-wizzo son Aman this afternoon soon established that the later page (Easter 6) was saved in draft form so that it was inaccessible if you were not logged in – that is, to everyone except me. Dumb mistake! From now on I promise to test drive every video page after logging out.

Meanwhile, I still want more feedback about the content of what I put up. Every post and video page has a comments section at the bottom, so please let me know what you value and how I might up my game.

I expect to back in production next week for Pentecost.

Howard Pilgrim

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