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Feedback needed please …

Last week, as I prepared for my brother’s funeral, I also took a day out to produce my weekly video podcast in the Preparing to Preach series on this site. To date, no one has downloaded it. The previous week’s effort met a similar reception.

These events, taken in conjunction, have led me to think it is high time for me to review what I am doing with my time and spiritual gifts. Life is too short, and my desire to make the best use of my gifts in God’s service too pressing, for me to keep churning out stuff that is of no use to anyone. I brought this series back into production a few months ago because people from Waiapu whom I respect expressed their regret that I had stopped. What I need now is further feedback, and I need it right here on this page, in the comments box, from people who leave their names with their comments.

You might help me consider these questions:-
1. Have the podcasts been helpful, in general, to those who preach and/or to those who listen to sermons?
2. Are there specific ways in which I can improve the form or content to make them more accessible?
3. Should I switch to other more topic-focused presentations rather than discussing the weekly lectionary readings? This is my default option if I get no other advice.

So now I shall leave this up here for a few weeks and see if anyone responds ….

Howard Pilgrim

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