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Time out …

In recent weeks I have been struggling to get my podcast up on site in anything like enough time to make it useful to other preachers as an aid to preparation. Some visitors have obviously found it useful to download after the Sunday to which it refers, maybe to compare with what you have already preached or heard: although it is hard to know what benefits you gain from my efforts, given the paucity of explicit feedback!
Anyway, it has been worth my while, as I have been doing it for my own benefit first and foremost, like writing a book maybe.

Now I have to pay attention to a nagging health problem that has been draining my energies for some time, so I will be taking time out, probably into next year. So it is goodbye to Matthew, and a prospect of engaging with Mark and his great liturgical competitor, John, when I am able. Some one-off productions may appear to keep this site alive between now and then. We are all in God’s good hands.

Howard Pilgrim

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